Black Marine Rope Camera Strap with Peak Design Anchors


Cross Body and Neck Marine Rope Camera Strap/Sling with Peak Design Anchors

Made from Black 10mm Marine Rope and Black Leather.

Genuine Peak Design Anchors (AL-3) with 4 anchor links (designed for the smaller camera lugs)

Black stitching

Available in 4 different lengths (length from camera to camera mount)

100cm / 39″ Long

120cm / 47″ Long

140cm / 55″ Long

150cm / 59″ Long

Shorter lengths to be worn around the neck.

Longer lengths designed to be worn across your body.

Includes 2 metal rings for instances when the anchor links will not fit through your cameras strap mount.

Designed for the lighter mirrorless and film type cameras.

Handmade by us.



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100cm / 39", 120cm / 47", 140cm / 55", 150cm / 59"


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