The Photography Team | Our venture into Film Photography

Film photography is not dead, it is most certainly alive and kicking. More and more people now are turning back to film photography. Why….we hear you ask…well we think its a great place to go to for many reasons.

We have been shooting digital for some years and never professionally shot film / analogue photography. We have since purchased some cracking cameras from eBay and put film through them. We have found the process of composing, metering, waiting, developing and scanning your images from a film camera gives you a different level of appreciation and importance when it comes to ‘taking the shot’.

We live in a busy, quick, demanding world, and nothing is as quick and as demanding as shooting a wedding. So when it comes to not being able to meter a shot through your camera you have to slow down. When you have max of 12 images you can take (120 film in the Hasselblad) you want to make sure the image you are taking is worth it.

Follow us through a series of blog posts and YouTube videos where we delve into the world of film photography.


Nathan & Ben – The Photography Team